Immersive Learning

There are many reasons as to why one should incorporate immersive learning into their educational/workplace environment. One way to incorporate immersive learning is by having scholars develop interpersonal skills when obtaining a sense of empathy for people in a real-world scenario (Vojnovski, 2022). Another way to incorporate immersive learning is by promoting collaboration amongst learners (Mulders, et. al., 2020). The last way is to help learners retain information through scaffolding (Mulders, et. al., 2020). All in all, immersive learning creates meaningful experiences for the learner taking a particular course. Would you incorporate immersive learning in your classroom? Check out the video below to learn more about ways to add this kind of learning to your lessons. 

When deciding to incorporate a new technology in your classroom, consider using the following checklist prior to adding it. Following this sheet will ensure you are promoting best practices when adding a new immersive learning tool in your environment. 


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