For this project I had to put together a code of conduct. It was an infographic of 10 principles I would have as an instructional designer. These are some of the principles I created so that I would cater to an audience of visual learners. The professor allowed us to get creative and add this touch in our instructional design guide.

We must establish a way to communicate with stakeholders as an instructional designer so we can effectively create a training program. 
We must adhere to using authorized websites or ask permission from copyright/ owners of copyright while making a training program.
We must accept any kind of feedback which will also cause us to be flexible while we are creating a training program.
We should provide art and open educational resources to those serving in our community as instructional designers.

I used TikTok to make the video edits and it was a really nice practice. TikTok has many capabilities; it allows you to make short clips, reduce any background noise, and even change your voice audio. I can foresee myself using TikTok in the future for many projects.