Microlearning is a way to distribute bursts of information in a short amount of time (Winger, 2018). The information is only meant to focus on a specific topic, and is provided to the learner in a readily accessible way. This type of teaching normally comes in the form of graphics, quizzes, podcasts, short videos, etc.

     My type of content aligns with the definition of microlearning because it is a quick video that focuses on one topic. Learners gain a new skill by learning new tips one at a time. The information is presented in the form of a video that is less than two minutes. It is also learner-centered because learners can expect to complete a mini quiz in the form of a game once finishing the video.


Winger, A. (2018). Supersized tips for implementing microlearning in macro ways. Distance Learning, 15(4), 51–55.